Reading slumps and how I got out from mine

I’d been on a reading slump for a long time when I got in touch with books again. I will now endeavor to tell you a little bit about it.

I’m an avid and quick reader, and have been since I can remember. On school holidays I used to read until my eyes fell off, and stay up until crazy hours just reading on my bed (in fact, when I was twelve years old, I read  Harry Potter VI in four days, and ended up seeing black and white dots everywhere, from eye-exhaustion). During school time, I used to think it was virtually impossible to read, because it took me years to read a simple book (it’s evident that you’ll take several months reading a classic such as Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield if you’re fifteen, studying for school, and reading it in a foreign language, but I didn’t realise this at the time), but I now know you can read AND be at school/university. There is another reason why I held this mistaken belief: I’d been on a reading slump for a long, long time. Only, I didn’t realise it.

It started some time before I had my first boyfriend: I was obviously distracted by the infatuation of it all and didn’t care much for reading, or anything other than staring stupidly at him and smiling. Last Summer holidays, however (last January and February), I read quite much; still, I didn’t break the slump, because they were books for university, and I didn’t read that much anyway. When I got back to classes I was so busy with study and work that I completely neglected any books that wouldn’t help me pass a mid-term. It wasn’t until Winter break that things changed: I got introduced to the BOOKTUBE concept. And fell in love with it.

I saw so many people who read SO much! They read at least five books per month EVEN when they were in schooltime… I was amazed, and realised it could be done. But the real realisation came when I saw this girl’s channel, Katytastic (link below), and it became my constant companion. She’s a regular BookTuber with really good ideas, charisma, and great “camera-talking-abilities”, though she talks about a genre, young adult books, which I hate. So why be awaken by her specifically? I hardly know. Maybe, because she was the one owning the most books, or the one who read the most, or the fact I was introduced to the concept of “book challenge”. The truth is, after watching most of the videos on her channel, she inspired me to start reading again, and reading a lot.

She was doing BookTube-a-thon at the moment, and I wanted to do something similar, so I created my own book challenge: I had to finish five books before 08/10/13, which was a big enough challenge for me. It worked out really well: I finished a book I had been reading for some months, read another in less than four days… And then really messed it up when I learned the concept of “book haul”. I couldn’t avoid starting the new books I’d bought, so the titles on my book challenge were altered. I am not unhappy, though: the aim of it all was to get me reading again, and it did excellently, so I’m very satisfied 🙂 It kept me reading a LOT, and I’m planning on finishing GoT next week to start with the next one as soon as possible.

So this is the story of my reading slump, and how I got out from it. Of course it doesn’t end here: I have already created a new challenge for myself which I’ll explain in future posts, but that’s all for today.

What are your experiences in regards to reading slumps? Have you got out from them? If so, how did you manage? Leave me a comment with these or any thoughts on the topic, I want to know your opinion!

Read you soon!

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