A Room of One’s WOW

I wanted to write just to say that I had never before felt overwhelmed by art, and that this is the first time it has ever happened to me. I am reading Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own and I am absolutely loving it. I am listening to the audiobook while reading it, and I must say that it enlivens the book a lot, as I read in a comment in the AudioBooks app. 

But I am not here to talk about the audiobook. I wanted to express the thoroughly new feeling of a river flowing through me while reading this… I believe it is because of two things: first, the amazing comparisons and similes, the language Virginia Woolf uses to describe everything is so understandable and easy to picture in one’s head. And second, because the topic is a topic which I am very passionate about, and to so see it written so passionately about makes one feel stronger emotions.

As well as this, Virginia Woolf wrote this book-essay based on two papers she read to two universities of women. She was actually talking to female university students, which is what I am, therefore, it touches me in a more personal level.

While reading I cannot stop thinking that I want to make so many people I know read this book – what will X think of this? what would R say of that?, and I have come upon the thought that it would be a very good idea to buy several copies of this book in Spanish to give as presents to as many people as I can.

This is a book that should be read by everyone, I want to conclude. It is important that men read this book so that they can understand women and the reasons behind what women have and haven’t done in history. And women should read this book as well so that they feel understood, or they can understand the struggle that their female predecessors went through so that they might be sitting today in class in university, probably thinking how best to ditch class, or how to avoid coming next week.


Anyway, pardon me on my rambling, but these are the thoughts that appeared, one after the other, in my head. I am not yet in position to state that Virginia Woolf is my favourite author, not having finished one book by her, but I can say that no other author had shaken me in this way ever before.


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