Cool feeling

I’ve been reading Game of Thrones, by George R. R. Martin for about a week now, but because I’ve been doing other stuff as well, I’ve only read about 150 pages. This is why you can’t expect me to know too much about the story yet, but there is one thing I can and will talk about in this post: feelings.

The Stark family, the first family that is presented to us, lives in a cold and snowy region; they are known as really cold people; and their words are “Winter is coming”, you get the picture. So much presence of the cold in this book (so far) made me want to talk about sensations in books.

Sometimes, when an author is skilful in their art, they will make you feel things, and probably the things they want you to feel. George R. R. Martin’s great ability for images and description has done this: he manages to literally chill me to my bones every time he talks about that extreme winter. Probably, to be fair, much has to do with the fact that I am currently in Winter, and a cold Winter like I haven’t felt in a long time, but his writing craft cannot be overlooked: every word, every description helps build the sensation of cold.

All his characters are stern, all weather conditions are harsh, and all places give you the feeling of deadly cold. He has managed to make me feel actual cold! (And that is a lot to say, I don’t usually relate so much to books, much less books so descriptive).

I have discovered a new thing about vivid descriptions and I love it! And if you haven’t started this book yet, you SHOULD!

What about you? What did you feel reading this book? Or what other sensations or feelings have you got from books? I’m interested to know! So leave a comment or make a blog reply.

Read you soon!


3 thoughts on “Cool feeling

  1. I have read all five of the books and I can say that the author did a very good job.
    I read them all in just two weeks on my Kindle.
    I just could not put it down.
    And yes, Winterfell seems like a really cold place.

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